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A place for DIY Projects that makes you Smile and gets your Creative Juices flowing to make more.


Lovely to connect with you!

My name is Ioana C. and I started Rosewood with love for Crafts and Design. Start design a life you want.

Encourage your creativity and go with the flow. Don’t try to force it. Stay grounded in self-love and compassion, and the rest will evolve.

If you have chosen creative practices, stick with them. Allow your creativity to sustain you when life’s challenges become over-whelming. And when you’re having trouble being creative, then rest and allow your other practices, such as breathing and meditation, to support you.

With Love,

Ioana C.

Let’s dive into it.

Even if you never pick up a pencil or a paintbrush, you are already an artist. You are creating your experiences on the vast canvas of your life.

When you do so with purpose, backed by the intention of coming from a place of love you’re certain to create a masterpiece…or several!

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Love for crafts
Love for crafts

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You’re diving into creativity and self-love. As you navigate these new waters, you’ll feel an opening up of your true self. You’ll begin to blossom in ways that might be unexpected. You might re-discover passions you had in childhood but had set aside.

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